Disaster Recovery

Have you ever considered the cost of losing your businesses internet connectivity or phone line for 1 week or even 1 day.

Black Sheep Internet can provide a disaster recovery solution from as little as £300 per year.

Solution available include.

  • Alternative Broadband connection
  • Wireless Broadband connection
  • VOIP Telephone service

Alternative Broadband connection 

If your broadband connection is lost even temporarily it could have a serious effect on your business.
Most SLAs for broadband are unenforcable, this means that it is unlikely even if your broadband is not working for a long period of time that your company will be compensated in any way.

For under £300 per year Black Sheep can supply an alternative broadband connection and a box which will automatically use both at the same time to double the speed of your broadband.  If one of the lines fails the box automatically routes all of your companies internet usage over the broadband connection which is not faulty.

Wireless Broadband Connection

In the unlikely event that both of your broadband connections fail simultaniously e.g. If your BT exchange has a complete failure. 

Black Sheep is able to supply a 3G modem similar to the devices used in Lap tops..  Temporarily your internet traffic will be routed over this device.  When the broadband connections start to work again the 3G modem is automatically disabled.

The hardware Black Sheep supplies can also be programmed as a firewall to keep your business safe and as a content filter allowing you to disable time consuming sites such as hotmail, msn or facebook. (It is estimated that employees with unrestricted internet access waste up to 2 hours per day)

VOIP Telephone service

95% of businesses have no disaster recovery plan for their voice services (Phone system and lines) Black Sheep provide several services to assist in the worstcase scenario of a complete telephone line failure.*

  1. Your business can rent an IP (Internet) phone per key worker which can simply be plugged into your computer network in the event of a serious failure.  this will enable your company to continue with as little disruption as possible wheneevr there is a problem.
  2. For a smaller cost Black Sheep holds a stock of IP phones which can be dispatched for a pre 9 o'clock delivery for your immediate use.  

*Service requires internet connection to still be function using either broadband or for a limited number of users a 3g connection.